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How Long Does a Berber Carpet Last?

How Long Does Berber Carpet Last?

How long does Berber carpet last? The answer to this question revolves around many factors that we are going to discuss below.

Berber carpet is time-resistant, durable, and comes in a range selection of shapes and designs, making it the perfect addition to any home. Berber carpet consists of a powerful backing that gives cushioning, while the face displays loops capable of bearing the dense foot traffic without devastating comfort.

The duration depends on the type of carpet, weight, density, and cleaning.

Types of Berber Carpet.

How Long Does Berber Carpet Last?

The producer: the first thing to take into account when you wonder about the quality of a Berber carpet is to ask about its producer. The carpet made by hand is more original and expensive. Therefore, if you look for originality and quality, you should buy from a retailer that deals with Berber families in Morocco. Hand made carpet lasts longer and provides real sense of authenticity.

Berber carpet made of natural wool: it is the most expensive type of carpet and it requires a professional carpet cleaner, which further adds to the lifetime cost. If it is maintained well, this carpet can last for more than 50 years.

Berber carpet made of Nylon: this type is artificial and one of the most popular carpet fibers on the market. Stain-resistant, durable, and plush, this is a solid choice for the average budget. In addition, it doesn’t require a professional carpet cleaner.
This type of carpet can last up to 20 years.

Beber carpet made of Olefin: Carpet made of olefin fiber is the least expensive option. Therefore, it tends to be less durable and the loops mat quite easily.
Concerning quality, this type is low quality and cannot stand up in front of wool and nylon. its material produce an oily residue during production

The material itself produces an oily residue during production, which makes it prone to staining and requires more frequent cleaning. This type of carpet lasts up to 10 years.

How long does a heavy Berber carpet last?


The weight affects the time life of a Berber carpet. However, there are 2 types of weight to take into account: face and total.

Face weight refers to the number of ounces of fiber injected in each square yard of the carpet. For instance, carpet with a 70-ounce face weight comprises 70 ounces of fiber along the surface of a single square yard. This density makes it more full and plush than a 50-ounce carpet.
However, the total weight of the carpet refers to the face weight plus the weight of the backing.

Generally, carpet with a higher weight tends to be more costly, but also more resilient and durable.

Finally, the weight of the carpet can affect its duration by 30 to 40%.

How long does a dense Berber carpet last?


Density is also another important factor that affects the duration of a carpet. Density implies how close the fibers are to one another along the base of the carpet. This has a direct bearing on the weight of the material.
For example, if the carpet has a lower face or total weight but a higher density of fibers, the closer proximity of the fibers can compensate for the lower weight.

How cleaning affects the life of a Berber carpet.

If you are considered about the question: how long does Berber carpet last? don’t forget to include cleaning in your list.
Cleaning affects the life of your carpet.

To keep your Berber carpet clean, start with vacuuming. Generally, in berber carpet, dirt tends not to show; therefore, people vacuum less often. This can actually reduce the carpet’s life. Why?

When you don’t clean your carpet often, dirt on the surface tends to get pushed between loops. Over time, it becomes almost impossible to remove it.
Even if your Berber carpet looks clean, you should vacuum regularly, at least once a week. Preferably to use a machine without a brush or one with a removable brush head.

If a stain occurs, try to call in a professional if you own a wool carpet. Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly after any cleaning.

how long does Berber carpet last?

As you see, the question: how long does Berber carpet last? doesn’t have one answer, but a lot of responses. An original Berber carpet of wool can last lifelong. We have in our home carpets that still used up today. Some of them are older than me; I am 34 years old lol.



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